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the original warehouse gooseneck light commercial

Big Day for Big Warehouse Shades, Hefty Gooseneck Arms — Feel the Love!

Valentine’s Day is all about size — robust roses, brimming boxes of chocolates, big sparkly bling perhaps? Here at Barn Light Electric, it’s the perfect day to launch our big new, oversized RLM warehouse shades! We’ve taken one of our most popular shades, The Original™, and beefed it up to a whopping 24″ and 28″ wide. Available as The Original™ Warehouse Gooseneck Light, this oversized wall light reflects a wide span of downward directed light onto patios, sidewalks, awnings, commercial signage, and more. It will bring plenty of light to factories, warehouses, and other commercial buildings such as malls, restaurants, and retail stores. We were so excited about these burly new shades, we had to install them on one of our own buildings!


No matter what your business brand and color scheme may be, we have a rainbow of powder coat finish colors to choose from to complement your design. You can add a cast guard and glass, also available in a variety of finish colors, for a hint of vintage style.

original_g6_gooseneck_24_inch_100_black-300x191.jpgHanging this extra large barn light requires a gooseneck arm that’s up to the task. We have added four new heavy-duty gooseneck arms to our collection of Barn Hardware including the G34, G35, G36, and G40. Select the style that gives you the right height and projection from your wall to assure your light is directed where needed.

Feeling the love for this new shade but need a pendant? The new oversized shades are also available as The Original™ Stem Mount Pendant and The Original™ Warehouse Pendant. Both come with the same finish colors and customizing options as The Original™ Gooseneck so you can have plenty of light over work surfaces, restaurant tables, in office buildings, or in museums.

And for commercial businesses who want to save on energy and maintenance costs, all three of these new fixtures are available with LED lights. Featuring LED modules from Cree, the nation’s leading innovator of LED technology, these lights produce warm, bright light and are not only highly efficient, but environmentally friendly too!


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    Wendy Barnum

    I am shopping for a restaurant. Is they’re a price reduction for ordering multiple fixtures?

    Thank you for your prompt response.

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    We are looking for exterior lights for our Calgary warehouse. It is going to be the sign with our logo on the top of the building, so we want couple of lights illuminate the sign with logo and another lights will be located around the building. If you can give us some recommendations on how better to do it, how many lights we need, what exactly lights better to use and provide us with a quote that would be great. I can also send you a couple of pictures.

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    Hi Irina,
    We’ll have someone in sales contact you to talk about your lighting. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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    Will your large porcelain barn light withstand hail and snow?

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    Great question John! Our porcelain enamel barn lights are handcrafted from commercial-grade steel. During the finishing process, each shade is coated with multiple layers of porcelain enamel glass then fired in a 1500-degree oven to seal the glass to the steel. The result is a very rugged, solidly built light fixture that can stand up to the elements. Not sure what kind what size of shade you are considering, but you can add a heavy duty backing plate as an accessory to give additional stability. We also offer heavy-duty gooseneck arms such as the G19, G36, or G40 as well as chain-supported gooseneck arms such as the G64 and G65. If you have any additional questions, our sales team is available at 800-407-8784, via email at or via live chat from our home page Thanks for checking out the blog!

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    Larry Yarger

    Good afternoon. Your web site shows a photo of a white exterior wall light. The wall light has a horizontal support member to which the light/shade is attached. Another support member comes off the wall several inches above the horizontal support member at an angle and connects which the horizontal member before the light fixture. Is there a model number for this particular light style? Are examples on your website.

    Thank you,
    Larry Y

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    Hi Larry,
    The arm you describe and that is shown in this blog post is the G36 adjustable heavy-duty arm. You can see more details on the product at this link —
    We also have a G64 chain-supported arm ( and a G65 chain-supported arm ( If you go to those links, you will see insetting photos that show these arms in actual settings.
    When you go to the product page to choose your lighting, you select which arm you want in the Gooseneck Arm dropdown menu. Not all shades are suitable for every arm.
    If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our Customer Care team can help you at 800-407-8784 or via Live Chat from our home page. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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