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gooseneck barn light

Barn Light Basics | Budget-Friendly, Customizable, Artisanal Lighting

One comment we hear quite often at Barn Light Electric is how much customers love our customizing options. With multiple shade sizes, a rainbow of finish colors plus dozens of mounting options and other accessories, customers can create the exact lighting fixture they envision for their home or business.

But what if you don’t need all those options? What if you just need a basic light, with a basic shade in a basic color? That’s exactly why we created the Barn Light Basics collection! This collection features eight of our most popular shade styles offered in two sizes and four powder coat finish colors. Ordering is fast and easy!

handcrafted lighting

Our artisans start by hand spinning each shade from commercial-grade aluminum. The shade is carefully cleaned and prepped before the powder coat finish is sprayed over the surface. The shade then goes into a high-temperature oven to seal the finish to the metal. This coating offers a highly durable, long-lasting, and clean finish that is consistent in color and texture.

IMG 4764 residential interior lighting barn light basics dining Avalon Stem Mount Pendant 12in 200 White 12in stem 2

Jennifer dove into the Barn Light Basics collection to select a fixture for her small dining table. She opted for the Avalon Stem Mount Pendant and customized this fixture with a 12″ shade, White finish, and 12″ stem.

IMG 0418 residential exterior lighting on garage Avalon Gooseneck 12in 100 Black G22arm

Duane also chose the popular Avalon shade for his garage. These three Avalon Gooseneck Lights sport 12″ shades with a Black finish. Duane chose the G22 gooseneck arms for these fixtures which offer the perfect projection to light up the garage doors!

Hooper 36 commercial exterior lighting Bomber Pendant Light Barn Light Basics 15in 300 Dark Green SBK

The creative team behind Roamstead Smoky Mountains, a camping resort in Cosby, Tennessee, brought the classic look of RLM-style barn lights to their new lodge. The Bomber Pendant Lights, crafted with 15″ shades, Dark Green finish, and standard black cords, add plenty of illumination at night and a touch of homespun goodness by day.

image4 residential exterior lighting barn Bomber Gooseneck 15in 100 Black G1 Arm

Barbara also opted for the timeless look of the Bomber for her beautiful red barn. These two Bomber Gooseneck Lights, customized with 15″ shades and a Black finish, provide plenty of light over the large door. These fixtures are mounted on G1 straight gooseneck arms.

image004 commercial interior lighting break room Barn Light Basics kitchen Avalon Gooseneck 14in 100 Black G22arm

The handcrafted fixtures in the Barn Light Basics collection are also perfect for commercial settings. Stephanie, with Shoppa’s Farm Supply in El Campo, Texas, chose the Avalon Gooseneck Light to highlight the employee break room and kitchen counter area. These American-made lights are customized with 14″ shades, Black finish, and G22 gooseneck arms.

“We are so excited to have these installed! We love them,” Stephanie says. “The lights are the perfect touch to really make this room nicer than a standard break room.”

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