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Vented Radial Wave

Altering A Classic

Vented-Warehouse-Shade Vented-Radial-Wave

By now most of the visitors to Barn Light Electric are familiar with the timeless appearance of our 12”-27” Warehouse Pendant and Radial Wave Pendant designs. These familiar outlines have historical roots; each shade being based on vintage warehouse and streetlights from the early 20th century. With a desire to maintain the traditional appearance of these shades, our Vented Warehouse and Vented Radial Wave Pendants take the original design of our warehouse shades and tweak them slightly to provide a softer exterior for our customers. These two pendants share the same distinct drilled slots in the neck of the shades, which serves a dual purpose for aesthetic appeal and allow for added atmospheric lighting to fan out over the shade. Although slight modifications were made, this new take on the classics provide a fresh contemporary alternative to the more industrial look that was first gained more than half a century ago. Each fixture comes available in numerous finish options with an additional choice for cord or various stem mounts, making these lights a true custom made American work of art. Unique in appearance, these vented shades make them the ideal choice for any restaurant or diner wanting to create a modern atmosphere with the addition of these modified pendants. The classic form may remain, but these rejuvenated models reflect a new persona creating a versatile fixture all its own.

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