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Achieving A Clean, Polished Look


Defining the modern movement has become a difficult task since the lines between contemporary styling and other classic forms have blended creating much confusion when classifying true modern lighting. These blurred lines have led to the invention of something refreshing yet traditionally modern in appearance, the Lunar Sconce. Identified by the 3-tiered shades that comprise this elegant work of modern lighting design, these finely crafted shades provide a non-obtrusive view of the elongated glass enclosure that encompasses the bulb. This stacked appearance is brought together by 3 connecting rods forming a faux cylinder that gives the impression that the sleek flattened shades cut through the center of the glass enclosure. Not short on options, the Lunar Sconce comes in 52 high quality finishes with additional glass and size choices to fit any specific decorative needs. This bold American Made fixture reflects the true essence of modern design, with emphasis on function first and form second through its minimalist inspired appearance. The airy look of the Lunar Sconce compliments a plethora of modern settings such as concrete, steel, or glass building elements. The Atomic Age lives on through this chic retro sconce that can provide a fresh look to any residence or commercial building that is looking to add a stylish focal point to their building.

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