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A Retro Fan Becomes An Instant Classic!

The Old Havana
The Old Havana

It’s hard to believe that a fan’s style could survive 50 years to become even more popular than its initial debut. The Old Havana is the exception to the rule with its unique, ornate side mounts and borrowed style from Roman influences. One look at this fan and you’re transported to a hot afternoon in Cuba with this fan as your sole companion keeping you cool. The Old Havana is a versatile fan with several mounting options allowing the fan to be wall, ceiling, desk, and pedestal mounted. Custom finish options are available in antique copper, black, pewter, and rust that compliment this fan’s old-world charm setting it apart from all others. If you’re looking for a fan that can add a touch of class and nostalgia to your restaurant, night-club, cigar bar, or just want a vintage fan for your office than let The Old Havana be your classic choice.

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