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Indy Industrial Bare Socket Drop Light

A Classic Drop Light For Creative Ideas

Indy Industrial Bare Socket Drop Light

The origin of today’s drop lights can be traced to modest beginnings, where the need for adequate lighting pushed for the development of products that could provide a large distribution of light for factory workers and tradesmen alike. The most rudimentary creation to come from this new technology was the use of a bare socket and bulb, suspended from a cloth cord, that provided a wide dispersion of light in small work areas. With the creation of this particular product, an increase in productivity for both consumer and worker began to occur, leading to a drastic rise in the quality of living at the time. Also benefiting greatly from this advancement were storage areas, closets, and cellars that until this time had not been utilized due to the previous lack of sufficient light. Celebrating this monumental advancement, Barn Light Electric introduces the Indy Industrial Pendant that takes this classic stripped down appearance and brings it to the forefront of the lighting market. Whether used by itself or grouped together with additional matching pendants, the Indy makes a bold statement above dining tables, bars, and open lofts creating the perfect Industrial centerpiece. Punctuating this vintage look is the soft orange glow relayed through the squirrel cage filament of a Nostalgic Edison Light Bulb. This is the ideal light for the minimalist at heart hoping to re-capture a moment in time where the Industrial Age soared to new heights thanks to the invention of this no-nonsense light. Although later refinement of this design led to the creation the Trouble Light, which is still in use to this day, the countless changes made stand no match to the revolutionary appearance originally captured by this beloved Industrial Pendant.

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