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Whether you've found the perfect vintage light to refurbish or your kid took out the porch light with a home run, we've got all the Barn Hardware you might need! From replacement glass and socket assemblies to decorative backing plate covers, our high-quality hardware selection helps you maintain your space’s style.
Broken light fixture? Or just want to upgrade your old schoolhouse shade with a new look? Try one of our replacement globes available in both clear and...

Broken light fixture? Or just want to upgrade your old schoolhouse shade with a new look? Try one of our replacement 10" glass globes available in both...

Broken light fixture? Or just want to upgrade your old schoolhouse shade with a new look? Try one of our replacement globes available in both clear and...

This glass jelly jar lets our fixtures assume a practical role in commercial décors. Emitting red illumination, this glass can be used to call attention to...

A glass jelly jar with a decorative appeal, this accessory can completely transform a fixture’s appearance. The warm amber glow provides atmospheric touches...

This glass jelly jar emits light with a green tint, completely transforming a fixture’s appearance and purpose. Performing both decorative and functional...

A replacement glass jelly jar that can change a fixture's appearance and purpose! When outfitted with this jelly jar, a fixture emits light with a blue...

We understand that accidents happen, and at some point you may need to replace a broken schoolhouse shade. That’s why we offer these replacement clear...

Giving you the ability to adjust the angle of your warehouse shade, the Swivel Knuckle allows your fixture to have a greater range of motion. Compatible...

Have you found the perfect vintage shade at an estate sale? Do you need to replace the socket on a previously purchased pendant light? This replacement...

Love your light fixture but have broken glass? Replace your vapor proof glass jar with our replacement jelly jar in clear glass! |break|...

Replace your broken vapor proof glass jar with a new frosted jelly jar glass. This frosted jelly jar will give your light a soft glow!  |break|...

Got a broken jelly jar glass or just want to change up your look without changing the entire fixture? Choose the Ribbed Jelly Jar Glass to give your light a...

Update your old jelly jar fixture with new glass parts! Our Smoke Crackle Jelly Jar Glass is ideal for our iconic industrial cast guard and glass fixtures....

Featuring a rugged metal design, this accessory protects a lighting fixture’s bulb. Regularly incorporated into nautical, industrial, and farmhouse...

Intended for traditional settings and contemporary décors, a wire guard contributes a subtle industrial flair to a lighting fixture’s design. Fully...

Thanks to its sturdy metal design, the Standard Cast Guard offers a touch of industrial character to traditional RLM-style and nautical lighting fixtures....

Our hex cover provides the finishing touch for all your barn lights! Conceal metal hex nuts on your pendant and gooseneck lights with our decorative hex...

Convenient and energy efficient, a Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell automatically turns outdoor lights on in the evening and off when the sun rises the next morning....

American made of solid aluminum, this heavy duty square backing plate gives a solid foundation to any gooseneck light. Choose from more than a dozen durable...

For a more formal and refined aesthetic, this decorative cover conceals a fixture’s backing plate and mounting hardware. Customizable with a diverse...

Intended for our LED gooseneck lights, this decorative metal cover conceals the fixture’s backing plate, establishing a more formal appearance. American...

This socket assembly is crafted in appearance to resembled original socket assemblies from RLM light fixtures and is commenly used as a replacement part...

Available for ½” or ¾” arms, our backing plates let any space adopt the classic look of gooseneck lighting. To ensure a gooseneck light is securely affixed...