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Replacement Socket & Cord

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Base price   $57.00
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Optional Canopy  
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Found the perfect vintage light at an estate sale? This Replacement Socket & Cord set is ideal for refurbishing or repairing vintage barn light pendants. This socket and light cord kit includes the customized cord of your choice, a porcelain socket, and a hex coupler. 

  • Includes: Socket Assembly & 7' of Standard Cord or 5' of Cotton Cord
  • Optional Canopy Dimension: 5" Diameter
  • Inside Socket Measurement: 1.02" 
  • Fits E26 Medium Base Bulbs
  • Please Note: White Cord Grip Only Included with Standard White Cord & White Cloth Cord

Max Wattage Per Socket
200W Standard Incandescent

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I was told by an antique lighting guy that there was no place to order parts for my old porcelain light covers. Well I guess he has never been to this web-site. The parts matched perfect. Even had the hex to match hex opening on the light. Couldn't be happier.
I bought 2 Replacement Sockets and cords. I found 2 old barn shades in a garage sale. Thought they would look good hanging in the garage. The new replacement sockets fit the shades perfectly. Thanks
I bought two of these from Barn Light at separate times. Although it took a bit longer to ship than I have normally experienced with other companies, I was willing to overlook this after having such a pleasant experience with Barn Light customer service regarding a couple questions I had.

Short story- I will pay more for(and wait longer for) a product of great quality, domestically made, employing people that need a helping hand after a rough period in their life. Goes without saying that American made product does need to be competitive to remain relevant these days, but this company has a unique story and ultimately first rate product, which I value above all.

Keep making great stuff, Barn Light!
Bought this hex replacement socket and standard black cord. The quality is five-stars. The amount of time it took to receive it (about two weeks) was frustrating (even though there is a mention of an extended wait on the web site.) The price tag of $45 for one of the cool fabric wrapped cords is out of whack! I bought my own UL Listed fabric wrapped cord from a seller on Etsy for $10 and rewired the socket myself in about 10 minutes with a soldiering iron. All in all a good company and a good product. Just wish it came sooner and the accessories were more reasonably priced.
Order the replacement socket and cord for some barn lights I found stashed deep in our forgotten storage unit. I cleaned them up, installed the new parts, connected the end of the cord to a track lighting fixture, and they look great! Brightens up the store.
Barn Light Electric supplied me with UL approved socket assembly and cord to retrofit my antique Benjamin industrial light fixtures to my new "Cracker" style home in a remote Florida location. This assembly will pass local electrical inspections. No other electrical supply company was able or willing to help me save and reuse these beautiful lights. Thank you Barn Light!
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