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Socket Assembly - Coupler - 7' Wire
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This socket assembly is crafted in appearance to resembled original socket assemblies from RLM light fixtures and is commenly used as a replacement part for vintage porcelain enamel gooseneck and stem mounted barn lights.  It can also be used as a replacement for any Barn Light with a hex hole in the neck.

For socket assemblies for pendant and ceiling lights available.


Small Coupler: Dia. 1 ¾" x H 1 ¼      Min Hole Dia. 1.25" x Max Hole Dia. 1.35"
Large Coupler: Dia. 2" x H 1 ¼"  Min Hole Dia. 1.5" x Max Hole Dia. 1.55"

Additional Information:

  • Watt: Rated 200W
  • Included: Porcelain Socket
  • Inside Socket Measurement: 1.02" 
  • Included: 1/2" or 3/4" 2-Piece Hex Coupler
  • Fits Medium Edision Screw Bulbs (E26 Medium Base)

Two Piece Socket Assembly (01-TWO_PC._COUPLER_MARKETING.PDF, 0) [Download]

Two Piece Socket Assembly (01-TWO_PC._COUPLER_MARKETING001.PDF, 30 Kb) [Download]

It wasn't the part I needed and we did get that worked out but they sent it based on written description so I don't blame them for sending me a likely part. All that being said, it is a nice heavy duty quality piece that I'm going to use to make my own lamp as soon as I come across the right item to convert.
everything worked out great,thank you, just what the Dr.ordered
It's exactly what you need for your old Benjamin light. I purchased 5, no regrets.
just the ticket
The exact fix I needed for a salvaged outdoor goose neck lamp. Desired a more rugged assembly with higher wattage than I was able to find anywhere else.
I had bought 8 green porcelain barn lights to replace fluorescent strip lights in my beauty salon at an antique show and seller said that there were numerous places to get the "guts" at. I did considerable searching and this particular socket set up with hex nut coupler was a perfect fit and the price was reasonable. Couldn't be happier with the sockets, now just have to find the time to hang them.
Your product was the right size and very good quality. Fit perfect in my Grandfather's farm "pole light" which is now in my new garage.
Just received this in the mail today, I was so nervous that it wasn't going to fit. But it turned out to be exactly what I needed!! Its absolutely perfect! So thankful I found this company, I will definitely be ordering from them again. Can't wait to put my antique pendant lights up!
I was very pleased with the item I purchased. The service was fast and quick. I will purchase from them again.
Wow! I've been looking all over the Internet looking for this part, and the closest I've come would have had a mogul base and required an adapter to run medium based lights. I do have a suggestion as I couldn't get the retaining ring off until I realized it was a left-hand screw pattern. Lefty-tighty, righty-loosey! I thought I'd ordered the wrong thing for a while. How about warning those of us who don't know exactly what we're doing that this thing goes the opposite way from 99% of the screw patterns in the US. Still, all in all I'm thrilled to have this product in my hand. New life to an old metal shade I've had for years. Thanks!!

From Barn Light Electric -- Due to lighting standards, the thread patterns are universal. They are created in a reversed fashion so that when you remove the light bulb, it does not loosen the socket fitting from the fixture. So therefore, you do need to turn left to tighten and right to loosen. These couplers are hand tightened to ensure the customer will be able to adjust as needed.
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