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Drum Schoolhouse Glass

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Broken light fixture? Or just want to upgrade your old schoolhouse shade with a new look? Try one of our replacement globes available in both clear and opaque glass. You can customize this drum-shaped glass with hand-painted bands of color in several patterns. 

Schoolhouse shades bring vintage style to any room and the addition of the colored bands gives these fixtures an updated look. Bring a whole new vibe to your space with a brand new schoolhouse shade!

  • Customizable with colorful painted bands. 
  • White painted band(s) not recommended if Opaque Glass is selected, as it blends into the glass.
  • Please Note: The single band style has a silver border outlining the chosen finish.
  • If using with a non-Barn Light Electric fixture, this glass will require a fitter at least 6" wide and ¾" long screws.
  • Dimensions: W 11.7" x H 10.3" 

Schoolhouse Globes 

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