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Window Lighting with Emblem Shade Gooseneck Barn Lights

Stores in downtown villages and business districts rely on window shoppers for a good portion of their daily revenue. Storefronts must be attractive, inviting, and well presented if you are to draw in customers. As a result, window lighting is a crucial factor in each store’s presentation. Emblem Shade Gooseneck Lights are an effective accessory for showcasing featured items prominently displayed among storefront windows. One of the most common questions asked by store owners:

“What section of the window should storefront lights focus on?”

According to General Electric, for maximum effect, the lower third of a window, known as the “Attraction Zone,” should receive the focus of concentrated light.

“The lower third of the window, the attraction zone, is the important sales area below eye level…To light shallow windows reflectors which provide extreme concentration of light should be used. Thereby the bottom of the window will receive high intensity illumination as well as the upper portion” – General Electric Supply Corporation Lighting Book

With various gooseneck arm lengths and shade styles available from Barn Light Electric’s Sign Lighting, optimal focus for “attraction zone” lighting can be easily achieved. Sign lights come in numerous shade sizes ranging from 7 inches to 17 inches. They make a great accent to any retail clothing store, coffee shop, boutique, or restaurant (just to name a few of course).

The shallower a storefront, the greater the need for concentrated beam of light. Display windows are classified into three types: Deep, Shallow and Very Shallow. Shallow storefronts require sharp-angled shades for focused lighting, such as our Emblem Shade Gooseneck Lights.

Spacing of Lighting

In general, the larger the area of your store, the shorter distance between each shade. This means that sometimes in bigger cities, sign lighting should be spaced approximately 12 inches apart, while suburban areas should space 12 to 18 inches apart, and residential areas should space further apart at about 15 to 24 inches.

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