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Vintage Holophane Glass Pendants Used In Open Storage Areas

When it comes to organization, an open area with a place for everything can be functional as well as decorative. We’re sure you can relate – it’s the holiday season, and you’ve probably been in a few stores that were so wonderfully organized, it made you want to buy everything. Or maybe it was a shop that was so chaotic, you immediately turned around and left.

You can easily take ideas from store layouts and bring them into your own home or office. Coordinating jars and baskets provide easy access to items such as buttons, paperclips, or even fabric swatches. Swap out your boring plastic Rubbermaid tubs with a lacquer tray or canvas tote to brighten up your workspace.

Speaking of brightening up your day…you’re going to need a little extra lighting too. Naturally, if you decided to open up your office or kitchen pantry, you wouldn’t use just any ordinary light. A clear glass shade, like a Holophane Glass Pendant, is very similar to the pendants in the featured photo above. Characterized by a feminine, ruffled glass shade, it’s balanced out by the masculinity of an unfinished brass or a polished nickel socket. The 6” Vintage Holophane Shade Pendant is simple and understated, and won’t distract from your neatly organized items on the shelving.

While vintage Holophane Glass Pendants are great for smaller areas, if your space permits for something larger, any cord hung warehouse pendant from vintagebarnlighting.com will be a great fit. These authentic factory lights were salvaged from the depths of despair and brought back to life. For example, the 12” Ivanhoe® Green Warehouse Shade has the look of both vintage and modern warehouse pendants, but has wear and tear proving its previous use. Its rugged green finish might even bring in a nice pop of color too.

Top Photo Courtesy of Remodelista

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