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The Right Garage Lighting For This Contemporary Farmhouse


Within the coastal communities surrounding the Grand Traverse Bay resides a mix of beaches, resorts, and rolling woodlands that weave in and out of the area around Lake Michigan. This densely covered area finds itself in a wash of color throughout the seasons, highlighted during fall by the brightly colored leaves of the maple and spruce trees around the lake. Amidst this serene setting resides an incredible example of a newly constructed energy-efficient modern farmhouse, which combines modern styling with a classic design, creating the perfect platform to experiment in this new hybrid style of design. Although the interior displays a more modern elegance, the exterior of this Michigan home maintains the appearance of a early to mid 20th century farm house. Featured in the winter edition of Energy-Smart Homes, this home displays a large amount energy saving ideas that can be used to transform an ordinary Victorian home into a unique blend of shabby chic and contemporary elegance. Immediately setting this home apart is the vibrant use of complimentary colors, which separates the many angles of this house, providing a split from tradition. The mix of earth tones that adorn the siding on this project act as a catalyst to the red multipurpose rooms and the red barn inspired garage. This garage becomes a focal point at night due to the use of a pair of galvanized 20” Rodeo Warehouse Shades mounted on a matching set of HL-C Gooseneck Arms. Much consideration was taken when designing this home, as seen with how the galvanized lights tie into the tin roof line of this perfectly constructed work of art. This rugged industrial detail not only adds to the exterior appearance of this home, but additionally provides a glimpse to the interior, tying into the modern elements within. It is safe to say that this project was worthy of receiving the attention that Energy-Smart Homes Magazine gave them, and we were excited to see that this type of lighting was considered for this innovative creation.


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