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cake boss store sign lights featured

Sign Lights Add Signature Finish to Cake Boss Storefront

cake-boss-store-sign-lights1.jpgFor decades, Carlo’s Bakery has been a landmark in Hoboken, New Jersey – it’s even currently featured on TLC’s hit reality TV series, “Cake Boss.” Carlo’s Bake Shop is a family owned and well-known bakery featuring award winning and nationally recognized cakes and pastries. The bakery was founded by Carlo Guastaffero in 1910 and acquired by Bartolo Valastro Sr. in 1964. Today, Bartolo’s son, Bartolo Jr., known as Buddy, runs the bakery along with his sisters and crew.

The storefront at Carlo’s Bakery stands out for the same reason as its award winning cakes: a distinctly unique look with timeless appeal. Keeping with the historic Hoboken feel that the bakery has acquired, a series of sign lights were placed on the exterior of the shop. Installed only a few feet apart, the angle shade gooseneck lights focus on the etched logo below, separating the bakery’s first and second stories. And much like frosting, the Vanilla Cream finish was the perfect finishing touch to tie together the exterior color scheme!

Like Buddy, store owners utilize angle shade sign lights to preserve a style that represents small town America – a time when downtown stores were the main destination for daily shopping. From the buttercream cakes, their famous cannolis or the sign lights, every aspect of the Carlo’s Bakery pays homage to our classic American style.

On last night’s episode, Buddy and some of his crew traveled to our very own Space Cost to help honor the 30th anniversary of NASA’s space shuttle program. With the final launch only a few weeks a way and Kennedy Space Center directly across the river from our Barn Light Electric office, we were thrilled to see the tribute! Known for his over-the-top creations, Buddy and his team sculpted a five foot replica of the shuttle orbiter, external fuel tank and rocket boosters out of cake and rice crispy treats. The creation was unveiled to a crowd of thousands – complete with a proper lift off!

cake-boss-nasa-shuttle.jpgPhotos Courtesy of Cake Boss & NASA

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