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Schoolhouse Pendants: Not Just for Schoolhouses Anymore

5937016_6siol4d1_c.jpgSchoolhouse pendants seem to go hand in hand with the concept of an industrial farmhouse. These lights have the ability to bring us all back to a simpler time, where high bay fluorescent lights weren’t even around yet. The warmth of their frosted globes were sure to have witnessed countless happy memories. Don’t let their name fool you either, these vintage style pendants weren’t only found in schoolhouses – but also diners, libraries and city hall offices.

Some of these lights can be found all over America, but finding one in good condition could be quite the challenge. They may need to be cleaned, refinished or rewired. Fortunately, Barn Light Electric carries many solutions to this potential problem – in many forms!

Schoolhouse pendants like the Brevard and the Volusia are ideal for the homeowner who needs room for customization. While we may recommend choosing Bronze or Satin Steel as the finish for the stem, a Red or Cruiser Green finish might be the perfect choice for a 1950’s diner.

If you need your new schoolhouse pendant quickly, no need to worry. We offer quite a few options in our Discount Barn Lighting category online. Here you can find the option for a single pendant light, a three light chandelier or even a wall sconce. These discount lights are available in classic finishes, only adding to their authentic look. Ready for another added bonus? These fixtures are kept in stock and will ship within 3 business days of order! Keeping with the theme, we also have the Schoolhouse Ceiling Fan, utilizing the same frosted globe and great for larger, open areas.

All of the above mentioned schoolhouse lights come with a minimal price tag, considering their quality of construction. And who knows, maybe with the help of schoolhouse lighting, your little ones won’t need to be poked and prodded into doing homework at night!

Top Photo Courtesy of Caitlin Wilson Design Blog


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