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galvanized warehouse shades commercial

Rustic Galvanized Barn Lights for Earthy, Organic Grocery

The current trend of eating healthier, locally grown foods may seem like a relatively new phenomenon but it was more than 30 years ago that Whole Foods Market began its business with the concept of delivering the highest quality, least processed, most flavorful, and natural foods. Now with more than 300 stores in North America and the UK, Whole Foods Market is committed to the support of organic farming and sustainable agriculture in every community they serve. One of their stores, Greenlife Grocery in Asheville, North Carolina, offers the very best in local produce, meats, cheeses, and wines on their shelves as well as in their adjoining café. It was in the café and on the outside patio that we spotted some galvanized barn lights much like our Barn Light Warehouse Pendant with the stem mount option.


The galvanized finish on these fixtures give a rustic look to the space which is just what you would expect at an earthy, organic store like Greenlife. One of our most popular lights, the American made Warehouse Pendant can be finished in one of more than 55 different finish colors including this galvanized look. The shade, ranging in sizes from 12″ to a very generous 27″ wide, can be stem mounted like these or cord hung for interior applications.

warehouse_shade1-282x300.jpgIf you want a more vintage look to your light or plan to hang in a high traffic area, consider adding a wire cage to the shade which will protect the bulb. A cast guard and glass option is also available which gives a definite early 20th century feel to the fixture and can be customized with color and texture. Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery which includes photos submitted by customers who have installed our lights and shared their results with us. The product page also has some terrific in-setting photos so you can see all the different looks this versatile light can take!

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