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Chestnut Pendant with Lapa Ceiling Fan

Restoring Mind & Body With The Right Lighting


Reclaimed-Beams-And-Rustic-Lighting Chestnut Pendant with Lapa Ceiling Fan

Sometimes the most therapeutic treatment can be tranquil settings, for this reason alone a whole industry has thrived on this desire to relax and revitalize both mind & body. Taking this idea to heart, the staff of Progressive Health of PA desired to create a place that was unlike a hospital or typical clinics, exuding a warm and welcoming setting for their patients. Focusing on brain injuries, this community based clinic enlisted some of our Barn Light Electric products to provide a complimentary look to their renovated barn project. This customer submission displays the care and attention paid to this building to create the ideal balance between new and old, making a home away from home for the patients of this nontraditional rehabilitation clinic. The dark gnarled beams and cross members weave their way in and out of the freshly painted walls, creating a refreshing balance of color mixed with naturally aged pieces of timber. Adding to the overall look of this reclaimed building is the use of a series of Chestnut Pendants in our Rosewood that stretch from the rafters above the main rehabilitation room, issuing a wide spread of light over the patients below. The deep browns and soft creamy caramel highlights in this finish allow a historic look to this newly crafted custom made pendant, complete with a slight contemporary twist that equally matches the surroundings within this restored barn. Matching this common rustic theme, the Lapa Ceiling Fan seems the natural fit when aligned with the high ceilings and dark aged timbers composing this reclaimed building. This new identity lends itself to the community, creating a pleasant atmosphere for patients to stride for new goals amongst the strong timber frame of this restored barn. Perhaps this project is a true reflection of the goals that this rehabilitation center has set for their patients by building upon what is provided and advancing past any expectations, unlocking inner potential and revitalizing from the inside out.

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