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Farmers Market WVA

Reclaiming A Historic Building With Exceptional Lighting


During the Second Industrial Revolution, southeastern states saw a dramatic increase in production and manufacturing due to the natural resources available in those states. With the need for the refinement of steel and chemicals, various types of warehouses began to spring up in rural areas, causing a mass expansion in population growth. Unfortunately today most of these industries have either moved overseas or to larger, more technologically advanced buildings resulting in the abandoning of these classic factories. These warehouses now rest silent and empty until they are torn down, which is a tragic end to something so instrumental to the development of this country. Recognizing the historic charm and utility, some warehouses have seen a revitalization to their interior to turn these buildings into a viable workspace. There are immediate gains to be had when using older converted warehouses, one such benefit is space, which was recognized immediately in this customer submission. Within the red brick walls of this converted warehouse rests a sprawling farmers market, where West Virginia farmers provide a diverse collection of fresh organic fruits and vegetables to this bustling city. This particular market also takes advantage of the natural sunlight that shines down through multiple split pane windows that reside above the doors and bay windows. Although a great deal of light comes through these large windows, a need for additional light is required in the isles and above the market stands. Keeping with the rustic environment of this covered market, the addition of several rows of 16” Warehouse Shades completes the look when added to the wooden ceiling, riveted crossbeams, and exposed galvanized conduit. This combination of earthy elements, act as a catalyst to the bright red Warehouse Shades that hang above the wooden pine display tables. With a wide range of sizes, mounting, and finishes available, these American made shades are ideal for any location that requires a wide dispersion of light with a hint of familiar comfort and durability.


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