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Nautical Lighting: Our Top 3 Picks!

Amongst other popular design trends, the nautical look is better than ever! It could be the summer weather, but we’ve noticed even more navy blue and crisp whites being paired with brass tones. The best thing about nautical design? For starters, you don’t have to have a home on Martha’s Vineyard to pull it off; in fact, it’s fairly simple to bring a touch of the sea to even the most landlocked states. With that being said, today we’re presenting you with three of our must have nautical lighting choices!

Our first wall sconce is the Barn Light Port Sconce (shown on the left). The clear acrylic ribbed lens is reminiscent of lighting aboard an older cruise ship, especially when paired with a galvanized finish. Featured in our Nautical Wall Sconces, you may find the Port Sconce to bear a striking resemblance to some of our Barn Pendants – like the Cradle and Sugarland designs. Any of these sconces and ceiling pendants are perfect for creating an industrialized yet nautical atmosphere.

Another favorite sea-inspired light fixture is the Rustic Drop Hacienda Pendant. Everything about this rustic pendant gives off a nautical vibe. The circular cut-outs paired with blue iridescent glass inserts appear identical to a porthole looking out onto the deep blue sea. This pendant is also chain-hung, similar to that of an anchor!

Last but not least is the Manchester Sconce. Shown on the top right, the Manchester is one of our favorite vintage wall sconces for many reasons. It has a fantastic deep bowl shade design that must be paired with one of the elegant looking finish options. Mount a few of these down a long hallway for the luxurious look of high end cruise lines or use them as a wall mounted reading lamp in an office or bedroom.

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