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Modern Pendants Gleam in Thoroughly Modern Bookstore

Walking in to the local Barnes & Noble Bookstore, the line of a dozen pendants overhanging the cash registers looks like an armada of gleaming spaceships hovering there waiting for takeoff. These sleek, modern style fixtures lend a crisp, contemporary look to the nation’s largest bookseller that specializes not only in books but DVDs, music, and kid’s toys and games. These pendants are very similar to Barn Light Electric’s Industrial Jasper Pendant, a popular fixture in our collection of Modern Pendant Lights. Characterized by sleek, flared shades or simple, cylindrical designs, these modern pendants can give a residential or commercial space an updated, avant-garde touch.

The Industrial Jasper Pendant Light comes in three sizes and can be finished in one of more than 50 colors. Choose a bold red or blue for a retro spin on things or stick with satin steel or polished copper for a thoroughly modern look. Your Industrial Jasper can be either cord hung or, like these bookstore fixtures, stem mounted.

Want even more focused pendant lights? Check out the Barn Light Desert Pendant. With a 6 1/2″ shade, this shade gives a very direct beam of light onto tables, countertops, or other work surfaces. It’s sleek, cone-shaped shade has a row of tiny holes near the top that let small bits of light escape for a unique decorative touch. This fixture also comes in dozens of finish colors and can be further customized by adding glass over the bottom of the shade. This glass comes in several colors including frosted, honey iridescent, blue, and opal.

If you like the modern look but still yearn for a barn light, we’ve got you covered with the Barn Light Max Pendant. This deep bowl pendant light has the rustic look of a barn fixture but with a trans blue, cruiser green, or brilliant red finish, it flaunts a fresh look that will update any space.

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