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Modern Pendant Lighting in an Updated Disco Era Kitchen

Let’s imagine for a minute that you’re in the process of building a new home and money is no object. You’re a fan of all things industrial, but also adore Arts and Crafts styling with modern amenities. Combine all of the above and the end result is essentially the kitchen above, which was featured on Digs Digs. Open and spacious, it’s a warm and modern take on retro 1970’s design, and we love it! (Thankfully, they did leave the shag rug back at the disco.)

The rich wood cabinetry covers the walls and provides plenty of room for storing essentials like plates, glasses and even grab and go snacks. Entertaining guests? Set out hors d’oeuvres on the over sized island and pair them up with a bottle of wine from the private reserve on the right. The gigantic stainless steel oven hood becomes a statement piece in itself, and while offsetting the dark wood cabinets, it begins to bring out touches of modernism.

The Arts and Crafts styling comes into play with the exposed geometric wooden ceiling beams. The attention to details is evident throughout the kitchen, just like true Arts and Crafts craftsmanship. The modern chandelier suspended over the island could even be identified as a modern Arts and Crafts light, or maybe even Art Deco. The elongated shape reminds us of the Krishna Racetrack Pendant. While the Krishna has an oval shape, its elegant simplicity remains the same. Can you guess what the shade is made of? No, it’s not linen or mesh – it’s organza (the same material used as lampshades). The Krishna Racetrack Pendant is also available in coordinating designs like a floor lamp, wall sconce and a smaller circular pendant. These elegant lighting options will make all the difference in the world, anywhere in your home.

Top Photo Courtesy of Digs Digs

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