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barn light electric wesco deep bowl pendant guard kitchen

Modern Deep Bowl Barn Light Pendants Offer Functionality, Style

If you’re thinking about sprucing up your home this spring but your bank account has little wiggle room for that enameled lava stone counter top you’ve been eyeing on Houzz, consider making a statement with new lighting instead. Switching up your lighting is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to give your space a whole new look.

If you want lighting that is not only functional but becomes a focal point in your room, a deep bowl barn pendant is a great way to go! Drawing on the classic lines of 1930s-style barn lighting, this style of pendant takes the traditional RLM warehouse shade and expands it to a deep shape that funnels light directly below. These ceiling pendants have a clean, modern look to them while still giving a definite nod to early 20th century lighting styles.


The Wesco Cord Hung Pendant Light not only offers the classic, deep bowl look, but it comes in a variety of sizes from a small 8″ shade perfect for hanging in groups over the kitchen island to a generous 16″ shade that can handle lighting up the dinner table all by itself.

With 15 eye-popping finish colors to choose from and even more cording options, you can create a light that distinguishes itself from off-the-shelf fixtures. Add a wire cage or cast guard and glass to bring some vintage detailing to your new fixture.

If you want an industrial vibe for your space, the deep bowl Wesco also comes in a Vented Cord Hung Pendant. The circle or slot-shaped vents in this industrial style pendant allow light to escape over the deep bowl shade providing an interesting play of uplighting.

For a high gloss finish, consider our Ivanhoe® Wilcox Deep Bowl Porcelain Pendant . This American made porcelain enamel pendant is hand spun in our manufacturing facility and finished to your specifications. Its deep bowl design is often found in today’s modern or farmhouse style kitchens, dining rooms, and living spaces. And thanks to the durable porcelain enamel finish, this ceiling pendant will never fade and is easy to maintain. Exclusively from Barn Light Electric!

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