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Machine Age Table Lamps

The Machine Age can be mostly associated with the early 20th century – at a time just between the first and second world wars. The mass production of steel and metal for automobiles or skyscrapers was in full swing. Faster ways of luxury transportation were being taken to new forms including the railroad, automobiles, and airplanes. Architecture, film, radio, and art were all taken to new and extreme levels – it was as if America was revitalized and moving full steam ahead.

Basic forms for everyday home products had already been developed, but with the Machine Age, designers were able to experiment and invent new looks for products such as appliances, furniture, and electronics – including advertising and the packages these products came in. What they came up with was nothing like anyone had seen before and certainly did not represent the previous Victorian period of style. Homes were soon filled with futuristic, streamlined items which later led into the Art Deco style.

Inspired by this revolutionary Machine Age era and an early 1930’s original, we have re-created our own Machine Age Metal Table Lamp. This exclusive Barn Light Electric product has similar features to our traditional lights. Most noticeably, you will recognize our unique style of metal warehouse shades on the top. Each major piece is hand spun and is constructed of solid metal right here in the US. Our American-made table lamps are available in 3 sizes (12″, 14″ and 16″) and come in almost 50 finish options – from your standard black or white to more unique colors like blue, red or yellow. We also offer our Machine Age Table Lamps to be constructed of 100% solid Copper. As with many of our products here, this style of lamp can fit in with so many styles and settings – industrial, modern age, or country applications. At Barn Light Electric, even today, you will find the same high quality and craftsmanship that went into these pieces almost 100 years ago.

As shown in the photo above: Barn Light Electric 12″ metal Machine Age Table Lamp – 91-Black. $259.00 + shipping.

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