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Interviews with the Pros | Candace Collective in Hong Kong

The Heirloom Eatery, one of Hong Kong’s newest restaurants opened to rave raviews last fall not only for its multicultural fare but for its eclectic design. The inspiration came from Candace Campos, owner of the design house Candace Collective, who chose tin flower pots, a hodgepodge of vintage furniture, and even a bicycle that rests against the wall in the tiny bathroom. To top off her design, Candace chose barn light pendants to illuminate it all.

“The design direction was whimsical and I thought barn lights would add that type of character,” says Candace. She chose Barn Light Electric’s 16-inch Industrial Warehouse Pendants with the black cotton twist cord to use in both the eating areas and in the bathrooms.

“I chose the galvanized finish which gave the space a rustic feel, and the style of the shade was simple enough not to overpower the rest of the space,” Candace adds. “I often use pendant lights hung very low as I love the way it lights a particular spot.”

The Industrial Twist Cord Warehouse Pendant continues to be one of our most popular RLM lights in part because of its classic design that was created almost 100 years ago. From its early days on the American homefront, the warehouse style shade has come a long way to brighten many spots from barns to factories and even restaurants around the world.

However, if you desire room for customization, check out The Original Warehouse Pendant. One reason for this particular shade’s popularity among consumers is the almost endless array of ways you can customize this fixture to fit your design. Shade sizes run from 12 to 27 inches. Next, choose from a variety of finishes that will complement your space. Galvanized or metallic finishes give a hint of rustic charm while bolder colors like red, yellow, or blue lend a more modern feel.

If you plan on using the cast guard and glass option, consider choosing something other than clear glass for your light in an interior setting — perhaps frosted, textured, or amber crackle. For a more industrial look, a wire cage might be just the thing to give your industrial pendant light its own special look!

Photos by Candace Collective

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