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Holophane Glass Pendants That Influence a Traditional Kitchen

It’s typically pretty easy to tell a staged home from one that’s actually lived in. Rooms that are arranged for photo shoots usually incorporate high end artwork and appliances, barely emerging from the construction or renovation phase. Revolving around a central theme, most designers stick to a thematic concept, and are careful not to incorporate too much to distract the eye.

The scene today, found in House Beautiful’s catalog of the Most Beautiful Kitchens, brings together a few different design motifs for a breathtaking and refreshing outlook on how to design everyone’s favorite gathering space. White marble counter tops tie into the backsplash over the stove, appealing to the classic traditionalist in all of us. A lattice hood cover brings the outdoors in, a characteristic normally found in farmhouses. While all of these pieces are beautiful and breathtaking, the real focus is on the industrial island lighting.

When light fixtures like the Evolver Pendant are utilized in a traditional home, the newly popular industrial farmhouse theme is the best way to describe it. An industrial farmhouse uses factory influences along with traditional pieces to create an entirely unique space each time. The Evolver Pendant is a factory styled pendant that combines various styles, just like the featured kitchen today. A deep bowl lens made of a ribbed acrylic material connects to a metal cap above, and a ring circling the bottom of the glass.

Original vintage pendants built using holophane glass, were the first to influence this style of ceiling light. Their clear, textured glass appearance created a prismatic and dreamy look when used throughout upscale, Victorian style homes and were later incorporated into industrious areas. The Evolver Pendant appeals to so many senses, how could you not want to incorporate them into your own kitchen design?

Top Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful

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