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Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us at Barn Light Electric!

If you have time to read this blog on Thanksgiving Day, you must have the bird in the oven, the cranberry sauce chillin’ in the fridge, and the pies cooling on the porch. It’s been an amazing year for us here at Barn Light Electric, and we wanted to take time today to share with you some of the things for which we are truly grateful.

From our Headquarters building, we are thankful for…
…my Savior, my family and my business — Bryan Scott, owner, Barn Light Electric

…for family, plain and simple — Donna Scott, owner, Barn Light Electric
…for my healthy children — Christina, receptionist
…the Gospel and my beautiful wife, son, and baby-to-be — Matt, sales associate
…for my daughter — Lauren, senior graphic designer
…for Lauren’s daughter — Katie S., marketing and PR specialist
…for my family, my health, my wife, and my precious baby girl — Jon, sales manager
…for this incredible year in which I got married and gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Mila — Danielle, marketing
…for “Geronimo” — Joan, procurement/purchasing agent
…for our newest addition, daughter Rayne — Brian, sales rep
…for the many blessings from God in my life, three of which are my awesome job, my amazing family, and most importantly, my precious baby girl, Harper Faith — Ashley, general manager
…for the blessing of family, friends and a great company to work for — Gayle, order entry/processing
…for every person and experience I have encountered in my life, both positive and negative, as they have shaped me into the person I am now — Ashley G, accounts payable specialist
…for my supportive family and friends — and of course, my job! — Julie, graphic designer
…for my wonderful family (six kids and four dogs) and for such a wonderful husband. Also thankful to work for such a great company! — Hollie, accountant specialist
…for God’s provision in my life, three fabulous children, and amazing parents — Melanie, sales
…for all the opportunities I’ve been given in the last year and the chance to eat a Thanksgiving dinner, not just a turkey sandwich — Holly, advertising associate
…for family — Tyler, marketing associate
…for my cozy new apartment — Anna, marketing associate
…for my amazing team of “marketeers” and the vat of gravy my mom makes on Thanksgiving — Katie F, creative marketing director
…for the technology that makes it possible for me to work for an amazing company from the comfort of my home more than 500 miles away — Betty, blogger

From the team at Lighting Industrial South, we are thankful for…
…my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Phil 4:13, John 3:16 and Eph 2:8 — Lori, receiving
…for all the wonderful people in my life, my health and happiness and especially for all of my Barn Light family — Tracey, general manager
…for my family and the family that hired me — Janice, production lead
…for the money to support my family and little girl — Trevor, shipping
…for family, good health, my job, and being an American — Brenda, assembler
…for my job, my family, my dog and for good health — Joshua, shipping lead
…for great family and friends — Jacob, pipe bending/threading
…for working for a great company that can build products proudly and stand behind the quality of everything we build. I am also thankful for a son that is expected in March — Codie, R&D
…for good health, employment, and an awesome work environment — David, R&D
…for having a job with Barn Light and the team I work with in R&D — Billy, R&D
…for having a stable job in such a stifled economy — Matt, pipe bending/threading
…to wake up every morning and enjoy my life, family, and friends and to be successful — Kori, assembly
…for family, friends, fishing and my job — Dustin, shipping
…for my husband, my daughter and my three grandkids, for my church family and my job — Kathy, assembly
…for having a job and that my mother is still alive — Kenny, assembly
…for my family, job, dogs and home — Hannah, expeditor
…for my health, family and the great people I work for and with — Adam, inventory/kitting
…for God, family, friends, health and a good job — David, contract review
…for eyes to see the sun rise, ears to hear birds sing and the laughter of children, and my nose to smell orange blossoms and jasmine — Butch, powdercoat manager
…for God who gave his life that I can be healed by his stripes and my sins can be washed away by his blood. And for having a great job and a new family — Phil, inventory control
…for life, friends and family — Kurt, powdercoat
…for famly and friends — Brian, powdercoat
…for the men and women in uniform — Clark, inventory/kitting
…for family, friends, girlfriend, a job and hunting — TJ, assembler

And from Lighting Industrial North, we are thankful for…
…working for a great company and for my family — Cracker
…for my wonderful family — Joshua
…for my great job — John
…for having a great job and a good boss like Johnny B. — James
…for the people I work with and the opportunity to have a job — Bryan B.
…for family and having the opportunity to work for a good company — Ray
…for my family and health — Mike
…for my family, friends, and my relationship with God — George
…for my job, family, friends and my three beautiful kids — Shaynee
…for my mom and dad being all they could and making me who I am today — Amanda
…for my wife, son, and my coming son or daughter — Alex
…for a good job working with good men, and for being married — Richard
…for my amazing family and friends, my health and a job I look forward to every day — Charlie
…for my family, friends and my great employees — Johnny B.
…I’m grateful that this fleeting temporal life isn’t all there is to my existence — Chuck

From all of us to all of you, a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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