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Polished Aluminum Atomic Industrial Sconce

Going Retro With A Vintage Industrial Light


At the start of the roaring twenties a new era of design ushered in a radical type of style, the Art Deco Movement used sleek simplified forms throughout its architecture and lighting. This popular movement came to an end in the 1950’s, where the Atomic Age began. Gone were the smooth aircraft inspired shapes that drove the Art Deco Movement; replacing them were raw industrial elements such as rivets, guards, and heavy-duty cast aluminum casings. This industrial style became popular around docks and fall out shelters due to their rugged, durable appearance. The rustic charm of the Industrial Age resurfaces in this recent incarnation of styling from the mid 20th century. Coupled with a timeless appearance, the Wall Mount WCGU Sconce combines function and style to create a truly versatile light. Utilizing a twin glass setup and matching wire guards, the Wall Mount WCGU Sconce provides ample light through a choice of two jelly jar glasses that can be customized with your choice of 8 glass options. Adding to the look of this light, several finishes are available to transform this light into a fitting piece of nostalgic history that matches your home or office. Not limited to industrial settings; this sconce gives a unique retro look to any bedroom, bathroom, or hallway with one flip of the switch.

A thicker cast guard is also available for this sconce.
A thicker cast guard is also available for this sconce.

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