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Go Green With These Caps!

Close-Up-300x198.jpgWe have all been taught the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and in today’s view you’re pretty cool if you’re on board with the worldwide Go Green campaign! Once seen as an expensive burden to communities, is now an everyday, fairly low cost plan in place to help save our environment.

Two new R’s you might not know are Repair and Re-manufacture/Refurbish. Repair is pretty obvious; take an item that may have lived its life, and fix it up so that it can still be useful. Re-manufacture/Refurbish is what we’ve been having fun with here at Barn Light Electric! This technique calls for taking some new and some used components in order to create a product. Most of the time, this process calls for using some sort of energy to break down the components in order to re-manufacture them. However, with what I’m about to show you, we haven’t used a drop of energy besides what came out of our own two hands – and maybe a little sweat since it is warm here in Florida!

Introducing – The Mig, our Retro Steel Industrial Pendant and a Barn Light Electric exclusive! You may be wondering what they are, and why they look strangely familiar. That’s because, they’re caps taken from old (and no longer in use) acetylene tanks. These re-purposed steel caps come in multiple bold colors. Each unit is unique; no two caps will be the same! The Mig Industrial Pendant comes with a standard 7-foot black cord and ceiling canopy; each fixture stands approximately 7 inches tall and 3.5 – 4 inches in diameter. If you love these eco-friendly lights as much as we do, we suggest acting fast as there are a limited supply available!

Photos Below: The Mig – Retro Steel Pendants, assorted colors available, $149.00 each, a limited supply is available.



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