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Futuristic Pendants Even In 2010

This iconic design originally started around 1926 when Danish designer Paul Henningsen set out to create a fixture that would provide the perfect amount of glare-free light. It may have taken him 10 years to do so, but in the end he had invented a style that tied together both form and function. The P.H. Light has been seen in many forms over the past 80+ years – pendants, chandeliers, and table lamps. Today, the P.H. Light is seen as one of the world’s top design icons.

In the 1920’s and 30’s, designers had a very unique outlook on the styles of the future – they envisioned a very futuristic world coming much sooner than it did – or has. At first, Henningson’s lights weren’t accepted everywhere. They first began to make appearances in the business world and public spaces – they were considered to be a bit too modern for consumer’s homes. It wasn’t until Henningson designed a glass shade in yellow, red, and amber tones that consumer’s could envision themselves owning one. They had been accustomed to the golden glow of the previous petroleum era of lighting, but soon enough a P.H. style light could be found in almost every home.

Still today, these amazing pieces are being recreated as focal points around the world. As we do our daily digging around on design blogs, we came across these amazing photos. Today’s P.H. style lights have the ability to fit in with so many home’s settings. You’ll see below we have Exhibit A.) Masculine-Industrial with the polished concrete floors and sleek grey walls, Exhibit B.) Mid-Century Modern with eclectic vintage furniture and a touch of modern cowhide, and Exhibit C.) Total Modern with sleek unique chairs and not one, but four colorful shades above the table.

Photos above courtesy of (left to right): Apartment Therapy, Plastolux, and Retro To Go.

Today, original P.H. Lights are few and hard to come by, but if you are lucky enough to stumble upon one, you’ll know it’s an original by it’s hefty price tag. If you’re looking for a similar style pendant for whatever style of home, be sure to check out our Jasper Pendant. Not only is it available in the finishes shown above, but in 50+ additional options as well.

As shown in the photo above: 14″ – Barn Light Electric Industrial Jasper Pendant in Satin Copper Finish – $478.00. Prices start at $359.00

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