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Wall Lighting, Ceiling Pendants for NY Times Square Eatery

When you find something you like, the tendency is to keep coming back. To a favorite hiking trail, a favorite restaurant, or to your favorite industrial lighting fixture. Such is the case with The Hummus & Pita Company, a New York-based eatery that just opened its newest location on Times Square. Owner David Pesso, along with his mom Janice and brother Steve, chose both ceiling pendants and wall lighting from Barn Light Electric to help set the mood in each of their restaurants. They have created a warm and comfortable atmosphere where the only ethnic part of the restaurant is the food.


“We feel that hummus and pita have become so much a part of the American diet that we didn’t want our atmosphere to be Mediterranean,” David says. “Our customers aren’t going to an ethnic restaurant but to a place that simply has healthy, delicious food.”


Over the seating area, classic Sinclair Industrial Pendant Lights are suspended to provide focused downlighting to the tables. These porcelain enamel ceiling lights were customized with a 10″ shade and standard Black cord. The finish colors alternate between Cherry Red and Bronze adding an interesting visual pattern to the space.


“The Bronze and Red colors we picked out fit our color scheme as well as the natural look and feel we were going for,” David explains. “We use many of the earth’s natural elements such as reclaimed barn wood for the counters and cabinets, natural stone and brick for our ovens, and reclaimed bowling lane wood for our tables.”


Along the wall, David repeated the alternating color pattern with Bowie Wall Sconces customized with eight-inch shades and matching Bronze and Red finish colors. These compact wall lights not only add a splash of illumination to the wall but lend plenty of visual interest too. The Bowie Wall Sconce is American made from commercial-grade materials and is available in a variety of powder coat finish colors as well as copper and brass.


“Our most important criteria in picking our lighting was authenticity, durability, and quality,” David says. “That is why we keep coming back to Barn Light Electric. We love how they look. They give just the right authentic look and feel that our customers love.”

Photos courtesy of Hummus & Pita Company

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