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When a dilapidated old barn in Marin County, California, came onto the market five years ago, few people took notice. Built in 1886 as a stagecoach stop and in more recent years serving as a pottery studio, the old structure needed lots of TLC, but the site is blessed with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. When LA native Mindy Marin saw the place, she knew she was home. She snapped it up and started the rehab process knowing that barn lighting would have a special place here.


Q: What were your thoughts when you first laid eyes on the old barn?
A: My first thought was that I had to be its guardian; I needed to live here. It felt as though I met my forever home and saw my future here. Although others had expressed interest in the place, I always felt like it didn’t work out for anyone else because the barn was waiting for me.

Q: What has been your focus for this remodel?
A: Bring in the light! I wanted to create views where there weren’t any before so that the inspiring vistas could be seen from every room. Just bring in light, space, and warmth. It’s the coziest place in the world to me.

Q: Why did you choose barn style lighting for this space?
A: It just felt like the right thing to do. When you turn the lights on, it all just belongs. I love the sense of history, and I wanted to honor the barn by having the kind of lighting that made it feel like a home. The lights are simple, tasteful, and smart. I spent a lot of time going through all of the options on the Barn Light Electric site and landed on the kind of lighting I felt was able to hold its own with such a proud old barn. The lights I chose are a great compliment to the amazing space of my happy place.outback_warehouse_shades_barn_pendant_lighting.jpg

Mindy chose Outback Warehouse Pendants, our 17″ Warehouse Cord Hung Pendant, and some Austin Sconces all American made and in a galvanized finish to highlight the rustic beauty of her home. Most of the materials in the space have been reused or salvaged with an eye towards environmentally friendly features. The countertops are stainless steel and non-toxic, the kitchen cabinets came from a salvage yard and were stripped, and all of the wood was repurposed.

Q: What do you use the barn for?
A: Dreaming. Writing. Reading. Listening to music. Sitting by the fire. Having people over to watch the full moon rise over the ridge. Watching the diorama of incredible wildlife that visits. I laugh when I think about how my mother used to say, “Do you think you were raised in a barn?” No, Mom. But I live in a barn now. It is my home.

Photos courtesy of Mindy Marin, creator of Bluewater Ranch


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