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Featured Customer | Barn Pendants for an Industrial Chic Chicago Trade Show

Industrial chic has arrived at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart! Arcadia, a permanent tenant in the world’s largest commercial building, chose to hop aboard the industrial bandwagon in its 2013 showroom which highlights their array of seating and table options for offices, educational institutions, healthcare, and government facilities. Helen Kim, director of marketing for Arcadia, notes that their newest product introductions are displayed in Chicago and the showroom theme is on display all year long.


“The largest industry trade show is held at the Merchandise Mart,” Helen says. “For the lighting, we wanted the fixtures to reflect the industrial chic theme so aesthetics were very important.” Helen worked with designer Karen Dunbar of Inovus Design, Inc. to select the lighting for this year’s showroom.


“Karen provided two options and we like the barn light fixtures best,” Helen says. “They were just really cool and fit the look we wanted for the space.” Karen selected three 16″ Original™ Warehouse LED Pendants in a Galvanized finish. This American made light brings a classic warehouse look to the space while the bulbs provide the very latest in LED technology and savings. The light fixtures were placed to direct visitors visually to the back of the space in a line over Arcadia’s new split-table product.


“We designed the space with a ‘sleek industrial’ direction so the Original™ Warehouse Pendants added greatly to the industrial edge,” Karen notes. “The scale, LED sensibility, and galvanized finish work perfectly because they combine the old industrial aesthetic with the modern technology and efficiency of the LED lamping.” Once the space was completed, Karen was pleased with how the lights created a graphic line from the front of the showroom to the back.

“In a furniture showroom, it is always most important for the furniture to be the star and the other surrounding elements to enhance the product, “Karen explains. “The light fixtures make a statement without being visually overpowering.”

Photos courtesy of Arcadia and Inovus Design, Inc.

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