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Contemporary Chandliers For Modern Tastes

With the addition of our Modern Chandelier section, these contemporary styles display a wide array of products that borrow designs that are artistically unique and eclectic to this product line. The modern influence can be seen in many of the pendants and chandeliers that showcase dark square accents and lightly colored shades that blend together to create a single piece of artistically designed lighting, as seen in the Light Bar series. The Art Deco styling continues through this product line, picking up inspiration from other contemporary movements. Such influence is highlighted by the Box Light Bar series that provides light through a thin cloth shade. Many of these pendants or chandeliers are available with light options that increase the number of bulbs and create a variance in the appearance of each shade. Creating a pendant or chandelier that is functional yet aesthetically appealing is a particularly challenging task, but it is carried out to near perfection with the addition of these stunning contemporary chandeliers.

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