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Clean Out, Declutter, Refresh: Winter's To-Do List

When Mother Nature flexes her winter muscles with snow and bitter winds, our home becomes a refuge. Even here in Florida, where the temps dive into the 50s on occasion (I know, you feel our pain), the first month of the new year is more often spent indoors than out. It’s also when you realize it’s been months since you seriously deep cleaned and decluttered!

We’re taking inspiration from Houzz  today where an ideabook focuses on a January Home Checklist. While exterior tasks are duly noted, we’re more interested in the interior list than ice dams and freezing pipes.

play spaces

Number 7 on the list, in particular, caught our eye — Refresh Play Spaces — and brought back memories of some great play spaces we have featured in the past. The best thing about these rooms is that the common element is fun. Whether it’s cheerful colors, new games, or fun accents that both kids and adults enjoy, these spaces all convey an inviting and relaxing atomosphere. If you’re looking to refresh your own play space this winter, read on for inspiration…

play rooms

When Michelle renovated her basement into an awesome playroom for her family, she wanted to highlight a new 14′ shuffleboard table. (Read all about the transformation here .) She chose three Original™ Warehouse Gooseneck Lights to complement the urban bar vibe she created with brick and industrial accents.

play rooms

In this parent-friendly playroom , a comfy sectional sofa, window seat, and built-in bookshelves entice the adults while two whiteboards and a magnetic board provide space for kids to create. The boards are highlighted by 10″ Angle Shade Gooseneck Sign Lights from our Discount Barn Lighting Collection.

play spaces

And what kid wouldn’t love to sit beneath these colorful porcelain enamel Pollock Pendant Lights ! Each pendant is hand spun from steel then layers of color are hand applied for a truly unique finish. The pops of drippy color are the perfect highlight to this art room remodel!

Photo of Angle Shade Gooseneck Lights courtesy of Joshua Caldwell
Bottom photo courtesy of Three Beans Design/Build


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