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american made lighting

Behind the Scenes | Putting It All Together in Assembly

If you ordered a new gooseneck light, pendant, or maybe a chandelier during our recent Holiday Sale, rest assured it’s being handcrafted with care by our team of skilled craftsmen. Every light we make starts as a sheet of metal carefully spun on a lathe to create the desired shape.

From there, the raw shade is carted off to the prep area where the metal is prepared for the specific finish it will receive. Barn Light Electric offers custom copper and brass finishes as well as durable powder coat finishes. We are also the only lighting company in America creating beautiful porcelain enamel finishes for both lights and dinnerware.

american made lighting

One step in the process that takes a keen eye for detail is Assembly. Depending on what type of lighting you choose, there are a number of options available to customize your new light. The Assembly team takes each freshly finished shade and puts all the pieces together to create the final product.

american made lighting

Willie Mae, a South Carolina native, has been working in our Florida manufacturing facility for almost three years.

“I love the people here. The workers are all very friendly and we’re a good team,” she says, adding that she prayed to find a good place to work. “My boss is real nice and I look forward to coming to work every day.”

american made lighting

With tools and parts neatly assembled on her desk, Willie Mae goes about her task of putting together the correct customizing options on each fixture. After threading standard black cord on these Barn Red Wilcox Pendants, the fixtures move on to Quality Control for review.

american made lighting

Thanks to talented and dedicated team members like Willie Mae, Barn Light Electric produces tens of thousands of light fixtures each year.

“Willie Mae is the sweetest person,” says Mark Leathlean, manufacturing manager for Barn Light Electric. “I can be having a horrible day but when she smiles that sweet smile of hers, everything is all right again. She is such a pleasure to work with. We never have an issue that she can’t fix.”

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