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gooseneck emblem shades commercial

Classic Gooseneck Shades Light Up New Business

You drive by the empty lot without even noticing it, then all of a sudden earth moving equipment roars in and the ground is leveled. The excitement builds week after week as you wonder what the new business will be! Bricks are laid, awnings are hung, and even gooseneck barn lights find a place on the new facade. Finally, the sign goes up…another new tire store. Well, we might not get so excited about tires, but the gooseneck lighting on the exterior of the business is definitely worth a second look.


Perched proudly above the store name are four gooseneck sign lights, similar to our Emblem Shades. These versatile lights make sure the business name doesn’t disappear once the sun goes down and add more character when compared to run-of-the-mill sign lighting. The Emblem Shade, with its decorative stacked and rounded appearance, is derived from warehouse shade designs that are almost 100years old. Available in sizes ranging from 8″ to 16″ in diameter, this fixture is a perfect choice for illuminating signs, menus, or artwork. Dozens of finish colors are available as are a variety of gooseneck arm sizes so you can select the right angle for your lighting.


Just below the sign lighting, on either side of the metal awning, are two handsome lights very similar to our Wallaby Gooseneck Light. This fixture is based on the classic RLM warehouse shade designs of the mid 20th century. Its flared, bell-like design flares out to give this light a more modern form. With shade sizes ranging from 12″ to 16″ in width, this fixture throws a generous span of light onto the sidewalk below and adds an elegant touch to the building.

Both the Emblem Shade and the Wallaby are American made by our own craftsmen and created with the finest materials available to give you years of service. Easy to customize to suit any commercial brand!

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