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Bright Yellow Kitchen Illuminated with Schoolhouse Pendants

Are you remodeling on a budget? We’ve all watched shows on television where people can spend upwards of $50,000 on a kitchen remodel and thought, “How can you spend that much on one room!?” Our best suggestion when it comes to saving money on a renovation is to go with a vintage design and have fun repurposing as much as you can!

Chances are that your cabinets are one of the biggest issues in your kitchen. Not so attractive particle board doors tend to scream 1980’s, right? We’re all about popular trends making a comeback, but this is one that we can do without. There may be a chance, however, that you can salvage them if they’re in a decent condition – all you need is a few coats of paint. Choose a soft yellow for a refreshing look or darker shades of gray for a modern farmhouse look. If you do choose bright colors though, always remember to incorporate lots of white into the room too, or especially when using patterns. That old China you inherited from Grandma? You can hang it around the ceiling for a cheap and easy DIY decoration.

This kitchen beautifully brings together both retro and farmhouse styles. It’s not an easy feat, as sometimes the design can easily end up looking tacky. The white bead board island along with matching backsplash breaks up the yellow, but suspended overhead are two schoolhouse pendants. Ideal for this particular design style, vintage farmhouse lighting, like the schoolhouse pendants, aren’t easy to stumble upon – especially if you‘re in the market for a true antique lamp.

Our selection of Vintage Barn Lighting online has got you covered though. With our selection of architectural brass lighting, the 19″ Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light is meant for those homes with low ceilings but still want lighting with panache. The large opal glass globe lets a soft, steady stream of light escape, the perfect alternative to high bay lights often found in older kitchens.

Top Photo Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

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