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gooseneck barn light

Barn Lights Add Chic Accent to Mobile Jewelry Shop

True job satisfaction emerges from the old saying, “do what you love, love what you do.” The job becomes less about the work and more about the joy received each day.

When Karina Brez combined her love of jewelry and horses, she found that sweet spot of joy. Her gorgeous creations are sought after by horse lovers everywhere, so Karina searched for a more efficient way to bring her jewelry to the equestrian community. She worked with Moveable Roots, a Florida-based tiny home builder to create her dream space.

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“Working with Moveable Roots was one of the best business experiences I’ve had in my 11 years of Karina Brez Jewelry,” Karina says. “The entire team was exceptional at executing my vision, and no dream was too big for them.” Her dream was to create The Jeweled Barn, a mobile, retail popup that could travel to horse shows across the country.

“I wanted to focus on the experience that the customer would have,” she explains. “I wanted the store to have a warm feeling with colors of dark green and hardwood flooring. My biggest goal was for the tiny store to feel as luxurious as a mobile unit could!”

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When looking for lighting, Karina wanted fixtures that would fit her vision of luxury at a horse show. She also wanted every piece inside the barn to be sourced within the state of Florida. Her new friends from Moveable Roots told Karina about Barn Light Electric which is not only located on the Space Coast of Florida but also crafts authentic barn lights that are easy to customize.

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Karina chose the Esso Gooseneck Light to highlight her display cases. For one end of the barn, she customized two of these handspun barn lights with 8″ shades and a powder coat Black finish. She also chose G26 gooseneck arms.

Along the side wall, Karina stayed with the 8″ Esso but chose the G11 gooseneck arm which has a longer projection than the G26 arms.

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“I was truly so specific with every single item that makes The Jeweled Barn what it is today. The Esso was the perfect style and shape to accentuate the cases and my jewelry,” she says. “Choosing four of the 8″ shades with the G11 and G26 arms made the most sense to me based on the dimensions of the cases and the overall feel of the store.”

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On the opposite end of the store, Karina chose a larger 10″ Esso Gooseneck Light to highlight a longer display case. She chose the same powder coat Black finish and selected the G22 gooseneck arm to provide the perfect projection.

“The Jeweled Barn is dark wood with warm, barn-like features. I felt that the Black finish would stand out while still complementing the general theme,” she explains. “I wanted the jewelry to be the main point of view. The lights almost become like arrows pointing towards the showcases while blending in perfectly with the rest of the features.”

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The Esso Gooseneck Light is one of Barn Light’s most popular RLM-style shades. With roots in the vintage styles of the early 20th century, this gooseneck light is easy to customize with size, finish color, mounting, and other accessories.

“I just love how they look and I love that they are locally made,” Karina says. “They truly give an authentic feeling, and I’m so happy I was able to support a Florida business. I was so pleased with Barn Light Electric because of their responsiveness and their execution of my vision.”

Photos courtesy of Moveable Roots

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