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kitchen pendants american made

How To Choose the Right Barn Pendant

Picking out pendant lighting can be tricky! Trying to marry functionality and aesthetics with hundreds of sizes, finish colors, and options to choose from can be overwhelming.

Where to start? If you’re shopping for your first barn pendant light, we have a few simple questions you can consider to help narrow down your selections so you can select the perfect light for your space.


1. How large is the area you need to illuminate?
Most people install pendant lights about three feet above their table or kitchen island. Depending on the size and color of your surface, you may need one, two, or even several lights to make sure the area is well lit. For example, our classic Original™ Warehouse Pendant Light casts a wide span of downward directed light.

kitchen pendants american made

For a small breakfast table, the 14″ size would be suitable but if you have a larger or rectangular area, you may want to consider a larger size or use more than one pendant. It’s good to have more light than you think you’ll need, but utilize dimmer switches so you can control the amount of light and set the mood of the moment.


2. What about all of the accessories I can choose?
There are several ways to customize the American-made Original™ Warehouse Pendant. The homeowner above chose to keep her dining room palette fairly neutral but let the finish on her pendant make a bold statement.


If you like more traditional finishes but still want that something extra, consider adding on a wire cage or cast guard unit which can add an industrial or vintage look. With the cast guard option, you can switch up the look by choosing different finish colors for the guard and shade. The Wallaby Pendant Light on the right features a Barn Red shade with a more neutral Galvanized cast guard while the Brisbane Pendant Light on the left sports a Galvanized shade with a pop of red on the cast guard. Either look draws attention!


3. How prominent do you want the light to appear in comparison to its surroundings?
If you want your barn light to become the focal point of a room, a larger size will definitely stand out whereas a smaller light can blend in more. Another way to make your barn light really pop is to be bold and choose more than one color like in the space above.


And, if you’re still unsure, our sales associates are always available for assistance along the way. They’re knowledgeable, friendly and eager to hear about your projects!

This is an update of a post that ran in May 2011.


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    Michele Weed

    Hi I was wondering if I could get two of the pendent lighting in that shabby chic blue color. I can’t find it on the website.



  2. 8565155288266f8b1c948ca1892cdb4f?s=60&d=blank&r=g

    Hi Michele,
    That is the Blake SoHo Pendant in Teal in the fourth picture down on the far left. The link to this product is here —

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to call our sales staff at 800-407-8784 or email them at Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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