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Barn Light Pendants & Lobay Industrial Reflectors

Lobay Industrial Reflectors. Image from G.E. Lighting Book L-82

Several of our vintage inspired barn light pendants at Barn Light Electric Co.® have been designed with the same features and characteristics of General Electric’s original X-Ray Reflectors and Lobay Industrial Reflectors. These lights were built in the 1940’s and according to General Electric’s Lighting Book 82-L, the reflectors were “an economic rapid way of obtaining high quality and high quantity illumination.”

Altamont Pendant

The Lobay Industrial 645 Mercury Lamp was a 400 watt mercury lamp that was designed for producing large amounts of light to specific work areas, with a minimum amount of wasted light in “high glare” angles. Like our barn light fixtures, the 645 Mercury Lamp was constructed with a deep bowl shade and non-corrosive parts.

The Lobay Industrial Reflector designs reflect on our Altamont Pendant Light from our collection of Vintage Pendants. Two other similar pendants include the Jupiter Pendant and Sugarland Pendant. You’ll notice the similarities between the size of the deep bowl and the lenses with these and vintage Lowbay Lamps. All three of the featured pendants today work well in kitchen settings, but because of their universal design features, they can also be incorporated in commercial settings. The Altamont Pendant sells for $264 and is available in three historic finishes: Old Bronze, Polished Nickel, and Satin Nickel.

Sugarland Pendant

Next is the Sugarland Pendant – it starts at $324 and has even been featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It comes with a clear ribbed acrylic shade that gives the pendant a true vintage industrial look. It’s available in a wide variety of over 40 finishes and with three shade sizes to choose from, The Sugarland makes an ideal light for residential homes or corporate offices.

Jupiter Pendant

The Jupiter Pendant captures the original styles of X-Ray Reflectors. These styles of vintage shades were used in commercial buildings, sports arenas, gymnasiums, auditoriums, power plants and control rooms. Each Barn Light Electric Co.® Jupiter pendant starts at $279 and boasts a large, deep bowl shade available in both 12″, 16″ or 18″ sizes. With the Jupiter, you can customize each in over 35 finish options!

To see more vintage inspired barn light pendants and other barn lights, check out our other categories on barnlightelectric.com.

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  1. Eric feist

    I have 10 holophane #684 lights and I was wanting to sell them I took one apart and cleaned it up and painted it stainless steal color but the other 9 are untouched but if cleaned up would be in good condition what should I do with them

  2. Betty

    Hi Eric…Ebay is a great place to sell vintage light fixtures that you find. People also look for these types of lights in online communities like Craig’s List and Etsy. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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