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An Industrial Revival

Factory Cart
The fact something could be so well built that it survived a century of heavy abuse and wear is a testament to the original craftsmanship of Industrial Factory Carts. As discussed in a previous post, we explored the rich history of these restored carts and the materials that caused them to last as long as they have. Each cart has been meticulously restored to bring out the natural wood finishes and showcase the reconditioned original hardware. The durable materials and construction make these carts versatile pieces of furniture that can be used as coffee tables, displays, garden carts, and a stylish means for storage. The industrial age has past, but what it left is a true piece of functional art that fits perfectly in lofts, beach houses, lake houses, hunting lodges, or country homes. The timeless appearance of our Antique Industrial Factory Carts will add a piece of history to your home and provides a focal point to any room.

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