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A Return To The Past

Cradle Pendant

Looking as if it was plucked from the ceiling of a warehouse or hanger from the 1930’s and 1940’s, the Cradle Pendant demonstrates industrial grace with a huge timeless dome of light shining downward. With the raw modern styling, it’s hard to imagine that this is the same type of light that hung over so many factory workers during the Great Depression and World War II. This familiar pendant has survived some of America’s most trying times and now finds itself suspended above a new generation of workers and consumers that benefitted from past hardships. As it did in the past, the Cradle’s clear prismatic shade provides a directional light with a radiant spread of light through its ribbed acryllic shade. Available in a multitude of finishes and mounting options, the Cradle Pendant can adapt to any application, meeting the aesthetic needs of any shop, restaurant, or home kitchen that requires the broad diversity that it provides. The combination of metal and acryllic is accented by three arms that bridge the gap between the ribbed acryllic shade and the outer metal ring, providing a cohesive design which has lasted well over 50 years. The Cradle Pendant takes years of successful warehouse experience and joins it with finely crafted materials, to create an updated nod to the past.

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