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Chisholm Side Garage

A Double Bay Garage With Some Character

Finished Garage Project With Gooseneck Lights

Surrounded by the rustling autumn leaves of New England, within the beautiful rolling hills of Westford, Massachusetts rests one of the most stunning customer projects that we have received. Located north of Concord, this historically enriched community is home to many fresh lakes, budding apple orchards, and one incredible garage. Matching the Colonial style of the main residence, this customer submitted garage spares no expense or detail to create a guest home with every creature comfort imaginable. At first glance the traditional exterior of this twin bay garage would not appear to be abundantly stocked with an impressive amount of amenities, creating a home away from home for any visiting relative stopping by for the holidays. Upon coming up to the driveway your eyes are immediately drawn to the large embossed garage doors that are lit by two of our 12” Original Gooseneck Lights, shown in a black finish, that ties in with the dark colored shingles adding contrast to the yellow siding and white trim. This shade makes an appearance on the adjacent doors and windows that surround this charming Colonial inspired garage. Opting to go with a similar paint scheme on the inside of this converted garage, the owner chose to bring the unmistakable appearance of our warehouse shades to the inside of this dream project to provide a strong contrast to the soft colors of the walls and ceilings. This can be seen through the choice to use our 12” Warehouse Pendants to light the galley kitchen, creating a cohesive blend of elements that were incorporated from the outside. With the need for lighting in tight spaces, this customer decided on the 8” Artesia shade mounted to one of our shortest projecting goosenecks to light the bathroom and stairwell. This allowed the theme to be carried through the interior of the garage, without the concern of the shades protruding out to far and creating an obstacle. Following the stairs to the second story these guests are treated to an impeccably kept red felt pool table that is lit by a custom made 3 light chandelier, which is comprised of our signature warehouse shades connected by a strong rigid stem. The sound construction of this chandelier insures unwavering movement should they receive a knock from a pool cue. With the incorporation of these uniform elements flowing from the exterior and leading all the way through this immaculate garage, the overall appearance created a cheerful home away from home for any visitor fortunate enough to stay in this Colonial masterpiece.

Chisholm-Side-Garage Original Goosneck On Double Bay Garage Garage With Original Warehouse Gooseneck Light

Custom-Chandelier-Over-Pool-Table Garage Kitchen With Warehouse Pendants Artesia Gooseneck Over Bath Vanity

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