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Who Says Flush Mounts Need To Be Boring!


One area of the lighting arena that has not experienced any revolutionary advancement in lighting design is the section of flush mount light fixtures. Other areas such as sconce and pendant lighting have seen great progress in terms of out of the box design. Any attempt to update the traditional mold of these lights faces challenges that most other lighting fixtures do not encounter, due to the limited size and height allowed to fit tight spaces and still visually appeal to customers. Recognizing the markets need for a unique modern flush mount, Barn Light Electric offers the Spokane Flush Mount Light as the alternative to many mundane flush mounts on the market. Inspired by both classic architectural and atomic age design, the Spokane blends the two inspirations perfectly with its glossy opal glass lens surrounded by finely molded metal materials. Available with a choice of 4 finishes and 2 sizes, the Spokane showcases the usual customizable features that can be expected when ordering our products. The Spokane’s organic shape flows downward with an accented ring of light surrounding the middle of the flush mount body, ultimately joining at the main lens at the base of the light. Even though this light draws from vintage inspiration, a futuristic look is achieved thanks in part to the ring of light that surrounds the smooth exterior of this light. The rare innovative design of this light makes it the perfect fit for any number of rooms and locations because of its low profile and modern styling characteristics. Enjoy the broad appeal of this ground-breaking flush mount design, and benefit from the unique style that the Spokane brings to so many areas of your home.

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