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Unique Outdoor Lighting for the Season of Entertaining

With fall quickly approaching us, the season for indoor entertaining comes along with it. The lazy days of summer are now numbered and many of you are thinking of last minute home and lighting improvements to prepare your home’s interiors for the visitors that are sure to come calling.

The first part of your home you might want to refresh is the entryway. Feel free to splurge a little to make your front door the true focal point of your home. Painting your front door a color that contrasts with the rest of your exterior is a great way to draw attention to that area and invite guests in. Like Better Homes and Gardens does, adding a few flowerpots can dress up the area and are easy to switch up from season to season.

Another suggestion for refreshing the entryway is to add new outdoor lamps. Unique outdoor lighting can make a true, lasting impression. Whether you choose a wall light or hanging light, lighting is also a necessity on everyone’s home. Switching out your entryway lighting isn’t a time consuming project and can be an easy DIY project. The cottage style shown on the top left features two outdoor house lights similar to the Portsmouthe Barn Lantern. The Portsmouthe has a distinct look, featuring a Boston Bronze finish with rust accents for an authentic colonial and nautical appearance.

On the top right is a more traditional entryway. With large urns full of bright flowers and outdoor sconces flanking the front door; this entryway is likely to look beautiful year round. The Dover Barn Lantern is a wall mounted traditional lamp with a decorative neck and grid-like bars over the glass. The dark finishes available will match the bold color scheme while the grid-like appearance matches those found in the glass door panes – it’s like they were made for each other!

If you love the look of our featured outdoor wall lights but don’t have an electrical box near your front door, don’t worry, they are also available as pendants and can be used within your interior entryway too!

Top Photos Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens


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