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Deep Bowl Wall Sconce Lighting Bridges Traditional, Modern Look

When you’ve been in the interior design business for almost 20 years, you’ve seen just about everything. For Kristina Rinaldi, of Rinaldi Interior Design in New York, the demand from a contractor to come up with seven wall sconces in a day was not exactly unusual.

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atomic cast guard sconce3

Featured Customer | Atomic Wall Sconces and a Cast Guard Pendant

atomic_cast_guard_sconce_exterior-300x224.jpgWhat would you call a rustic log cabin nestled in the deep woods of eastern Tennessee that is frequented by all sorts of native creatures including snakes, bear, turkey, and deer? Deeradise of course! That was the name chosen by this family when they first purchased their 4-acre lot in early 2011 and started dreaming of building. Finishing touches were completed just in time for the family to ring in the new year in their new home.
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