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stylemesunday 131013 fall favorites

Style Me Sunday: Eight Ways to Capture Fall

It’s beginning to look a lot like… autumn, my favorite time of year. I can finally justify my daily cardigans and jeans because at a crisp 74° degrees, why wear anything else? We’ve managed to sample every pumpkin spice-themed coffee in the office’s vicinity and confession: I’ve splurged on a pumpkin-themed set of candles that will (hopefully) last the season. Autumn is one of the year’s finest seasons. No wonder everyone is “falling” for it. Here are eight ways autumn has captured our hearts…

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style me sunday rustic utilitarian for fall interior design

Style Me Sunday: Rustic and Utilitarian Unite for Fall Trends

With fall trend forecasts spreading like wildfire, we can’t help but ponder the history behind them. Words like “rustic” and “utilitarian” are commonplace influences on the list — but why?

The utilitarian lifestyle emphasizes the pursuit of function and happiness. It makes sense that surrounding ourselves with purpose-filled objects inspire us to be more industrious. As much as we love baubles and bookends, nothing beats a beautifully crafted product that reminds us of our hard-working roots.
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stylemesunday 130718 aviation inspired 4

Style Me Sunday: Aviator Inspired Bedrooms that Soar!

Nautically inspired interior design takes the cake for this summer’s breakout home decor trend. Easy accents like charming Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixtures and marine lantern style lighting carry the spirit of adventure into seaside retreats across the nation. We love spaces that make us dream, and that is why we’re looking “up” for the next big interior design trend. It’s time to take our rooms to new heights with aviation inspired decor!
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style me sunday wonderfully white

Style Me Sunday: Wonderfully White

We’re almost three months away from Labor Day, which means it’s time to pull out your favorite white linen pants and milk glass — gotta enjoy it while you can! We’re a little partial to white because it is one of the finishes in our beautiful Porcelain RLM collection. Our collection of white accents isn’t just limited to lighting. Here’s a sampling of some of our finest white home decor accessories!
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style me sunday icecream inspired1

Style Me Sunday: We Scream for Ice Cream!

Charles Baxter wittily noted, “Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.” We couldn’t agree more! There’s little more refreshing and comforting than a chilly bowl of ice cream on a warm spring afternoon. With the summer heat wave on the cusp (well, at least for us Floridians!) the very thought of ice cream makes our mouths water. So, why not decorate with fresh home decor that remind us of one of our favorite desserts?
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style me sunday shabby chic spa bath

Style Me Sunday: Shabby Chic Bathroom Retreat

The right ambiance can make or break a bubble bath experience. Confession time: How many candles do you surround your tub with hoping their warm glow will distract you from your chunky, dated bathroom accents and the fact that your tub might be a little too small for full reclining? Are you washing between your toes with dawn soap? What is your bathroom decor saying about you?
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