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Style Guide: Modern Youth Bedroom

At Barn Light Electric, we hear a lot about remodel projects for the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors, but we don’t hear a lot about livening up children’s rooms. We threw together another Style Guide to show you just how easy it is to incorporate great, unique lighting into your little boy – or girl’s room. Most of our fun finds this week, came in pink, yellow or purples too so if you have a little girl, this room can be for you too! We chose our bedding and rugs first. Dwell’s duvet set of modern animal silhouettes and geometric shapes brings in plenty of color itself, so we chose a basic navy and white rug from Ikea to go on the floor below.

Little accent pieces are fun to find for children’s rooms. We kept it simple, keeping in line with the modern theme – a red moose shaped hook to hang up coats or book bags, and an elephant shaped book shelf. Don’t be tied down to colors only shown in the bedding – find some complimentary colors and run with it!

Now onto our favorite part – lighting! To be placed next to each side of the bed – two Atomic Cast Guard CGU Sconces with Ribbed Glass and a Galvanized finish. Galvanized goes great with the modern look – adding an industrial feel sturdy enough to withstand any rough and tough little boy. The Ribbed Glass will soften the light that is allowed to pass through, making for more of an accent piece used only to read bedtime stories. Overhead lighting can be fun again with any one of our colored pendants. Swap out that ugly ceiling fan with a Radial Wave Vented Pendant. To bring in more color, we chose a 24″ shade in 123-TransBlue, but if lighting isn’t something you replace often, you could try 96-Galvanized to match the sconces. Then as your little one grows and the decor changes, you will know your lighting will look great for years to come.



1.) Barn Light Electric Atomic Cast Guard CGU Sconce: 96-Galvanized finish with Ribbed Glass: $205.00
2.) Dwell Studios Gio Aqua Duvet Set: $166.00
3.) Rosenberry Rooms Lemon Elephant Bookshelf: $124.00
4.) Barn Light Electric Radial Wave Vent Pendant: 123-TransBlue 24″ Shade: $278.00
5.) Ikea Sprallig Knob/Hook Rack: $19.99
6.) Ikea Sveje Rug Dark Blue/White: $12.99

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