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Stem Mount Canopy VS. Stem Hang Straight Canopy

Here at Barn Light Electric we often get frequently asked questions, one of these questions pertains to our pendant light fixtures and the canopy option. We had touched on this topic in a previous blog post that detailed our Stem Mounting Pendant Light Fixtures, and the variety of choices offered when ordering your light. To determine the canopy that will be required for your pendant, you will need to figure out what type of ceiling you have. If you are mounting your pendant on a flat ceiling then you will require a stem mount canopy that will mount over a standard electrical box. This mount will connect to the stem and allow it to hang in place without moving. The other option available with a stem is the stem hang straight canopy. This canopy connects the stem to a standard electrical box on a ceiling with a slope or angle, allowing the light to hang straight. You can find the answers to many of your questions by visiting our Customer FAQ’s section on our website.

Stem Mount Canopy Stem Hang Straight

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