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Sign Lighting: How to Put Your Business in the Spotlight

When you own a brick-and-mortar business, you have many choices when it comes to making the outside of your building look attractive. You want your business name to be prominent to passersby, your landscaping to look inviting, and after dark, your lighting should provide a sense of security. Some business owners think bigger is better and install all manner of fixtures to light up the entire block. A wiser choice is focused lighting on your building, your signage, and the entry and walkways.


Take these two examples of sign lighting. On the left we have a car wash business that has chosen Emblem Shades to accent the side of the building and the front door. These shades are available in a variety of sizes to highlight anything from a small menu stand to a large outdoor sign. This owner chose a classic bronze finish for his lights — Barn Light Electric offers more than 40 finish colors for its Emblem Shades ranging from traditional finishes such as this to premium and aluminum finishes. Emblem Shades can also be fitted with a wire cage or cast guard and glass to provide protection for your bulb or to simply give a more vintage feel to the light. A wide selection of gooseneck arms is also available so you can choose the appropriate angle for your fixture from the mounting site.

On the right, we have an example of Angle Shades, another great choice for focused outdoor lighting that doesn’t waste energy and money by throwing light all around. This sign is on the edge of a busy, four-lane street so the restaurant owners wanted to be sure their business name gets noticed. They chose a vivid red finish for their Angle Shades which complements the colors in the sign and becomes part of the overall design. By choosing American made, durable fixtures like these, you can be sure to enjoy plenty of traffic through your business doors!


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